Are you a Service-Based Professional, or Business Owner ?

You love what you do, you are passionate about who it is you help, and you know you are really good at it. You have built a business from the ground up with a lot of hard work, determination and a huge amount of effort and energy. You’ve worked in your field in the  service industry for a long time and you know you’re really good at what you do, an expert in your field.

You have invested a lot of time and money in you; you love learning and value this investment in your business. Now is the time to make money from all that learning and all those years of experience.

You have that gift and you’ve changed so many lives, yet you’ve discovered that working for yourself isn’t what you expected. You’re working harder than ever for less than you believe you’re worth. You are not driven by money, but you do know you need it.

Like most service-based professionals, you got into this business to help people. In the beginning, you just wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives and how much you wanted to earn from your business didn’t even really enter your thoughts. But you have bills to pay and you want to earn a good living to pay your expenses and also have money to provide for you and your family so you can have the lifestyle you really desire.


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You are a partner, a parent and a friend to many, yet having a balance with your family, your business and your life is something of the past. You were never told how hard it would be to balance business and life away from there with your family, let alone find any time for you.

The thing is, you are just so sick and tired of the frustration of working your butt off for little or no reward and the administrative tasks are just ridiculous !! You are sick of spending any spare time you do have, catching up on all the administrative tasks that simply need to be done. There’s never time to keep up with all the latest information to help you be the best professional you can be.

You see other people working in busy businesses and they seem to keep on top of everything, or at least that’s how it looks to you. You’re busy, you have plenty of clients, but you really don’t enjoy all the clients you work with, you’re seeing them to ensure you make a difference and to keep the cash coming in.

Having a successful business is important to you, as is helping the people you work with and having time with your family, your friends and even taking the holiday with those that matter to you, yet you never seem to get that balance quite right and there is growing resentment on many fronts.

This really isn’t what you signed up for, yet you’re so busy in your business that you simply can’t see any way out of the rut you are in. To the outside world, you have it all together, and mostly you do, you know what you have to do, well sort of, it is the HOW that seems to challenge you and when the doubt and the overwhelm build, you wonder whether it’s all worth it, deep down you think about chucking it all in and going back to getting a job.

You aren’t afraid to take action, to implement, you are determined to make this business thing work and you know that being in business is for those that back themselves and want the best for their clients, just like you do and you know the importance of investing in you and your business to take it to the next level, but you simply don’t know how, you’re missing the strategy.

I get it – I’ve been there, I was just like you.


I have run a successful private practice for 17 years, though I worked like a mad woman and lived and breathed work, and In 2011, it took a series of life changing events, stemming from ankle reconstruction surgery with many complications, for me to get the wake up call that I clearly so desperately needed. I could no longer work with the intensity that I had grown accustomed to, not to mention, be there every minute for all the wonderful people in my life unless something changed.


Unfortunately, it took such a significant series of events for me to finally listen. Since then, thankfully everything has changed and I have invested a large amount, in time and capital, into learning the strategies and processes that were required to create the breakthrough and the transformation that I needed. I have invested in mentors who have taught me what my professional training never did. I learnt how to run a business as well as a practice.

In these past few years I have created processes and strategies using simple step-by-step systems to get results and now I want to share these with you so that you too can work with people you love, make a huge difference in their lives, package up what you already have (and more), make effective use of your time, as well as get paid what you’re worth and run your business on your terms.

As a wife, and mother of two children and owner of two businesses I get that it can seem overwhelming at times and that time is something you feel you never have enough of. So you want to use what you already have, tweak your current business model, so that you can make the most effective use of your time and implement what you have learnt to get awesome results for you and your amazing clients and get paid well for it.


If you are a professional and business owner in the service industry, then I can help you build a successful business that is both lucrative AND fulfilling.


I have now opened up this tried and tested process to entrepreneurial professionals who are ready to take action and to implement to get the results they really want.

  •  Does this sound like you?

You are a hard-working service-based business professional and you aren’t afraid to take action, to implement, you are determined to make this business thing work and you know that being in business is for those that back themselves and want the best for their clients. And you know the importance of investing in you and your business to take it to the next level, but you simply don’t know how, you’re missing the strategy.

  • Who Is This For?

Those who are committed to success for themselves, their clients and those that matter most to them. Those who understand that to move to the next level you need to change the strategy and you are prepared to step up, to take action and implement.

  • Who is This Not For?

Multi-Level Marketing Businesses
Anyone not serious about growing their business in the next 12 months

  • Why Am I Doing This?

Because I have been where you are and I completely understand your frustrations at working so hard yet not achieving the outcomes you desire across all areas, and to put it simply, I know I can help.

I don’t want to waste your time and I don’t want you to waste mine. You’ve got far too much on your plate right now and have invested enough time and money already to bother doing something you aren’t sure about.

You can keep doing what you’re already doing and get the same results – OR you can learn what you don’t know that will move your business forward and Liberate you in the process. Is it worth 30 minutes of your time to find out what you can do to:

• Increase your Turnover without taking up more of your precious time
• Work with your preferred clients consistently
• Charge What you Are Worth and Get It
• Be the Leader in Your industry and Stand out from the Crowd
• Run your business on YOUR terms

30 minutes is not too much to invest is it?

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