I have been applying my processes and strategies with my amazing clients, facilitating their transformations and I am absolutely humbled and feel very privileged to share with you just some of the feedback I have received from a range of different clients, in a wide range of businesses. Facilitating their transformations and having an impact on people’s lives, is truly my passion and I am so lucky to do something I love and hold so dear.

“The techniques used by Nat were very enlightening. I find myself working with the Two Me’s and acknowledge that they are both wanting the same thing ultimately which is a happy contented life. This has helped stopped the self-defeating habits from taking control of my life again.

Thanks Nat, there is definitely more to maintaining weight loss long term than the initial success, and with Nat’s techniques and guidance I know I have the tools to continue on this success journey.”

Sharon H.

“The Money Break Through session I had with Natalie enabled me to be relaxed and confident around money so I could make more of it. What I especially loved about working with Natalie- aside from the results!- was her down to earth, practical style and that she really knew her stuff.  If you’re prepared to enjoy the process, the changes feel easy and automatic as Natalie leads you through.”

Linda Miller

“How Business Mentoring Gave Me My Life Back… Since working with Dr. Natalie Green and her team I have managed to do a complete analysis of my business and introduce long lacking systems and then implement them and the results speak for themselves.

I have turned my business around totally from being in considerable debt with 5 staff and looking at closing our doors to having a thriving business with 20 staff and we are now expanding into a new building in addition. I cannot thank you enough.”

Fran D.