I have been a Psychologist now for 25 years….It hit me today that that’s longer than the time that I haven’t been a Psychologist…..and lately I’ve found myself questioning what I want to do with the rest of my life and the rest of my career….

I’ve felt as if I’m stagnating, and felt frustrated and quite unfulfilled ….yet I have still enjoyed working with people and helping them break through whatever it is that’s been holding them back.

Whilst lots has changed for me over the past 25 years…..there’s one big thing at the core of me that hasn’t really changed much….that one thing is that I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world….

I have worked with thousands and thousands of people over the years and I’d really like to think that I have made a difference to not one but many, many of these people…..Reflection is a funny thing isn’t it ?.…I look back over the years and can see very clearly many of the people that I have been privileged enough to work with and that I know deep down in my heart that I made a difference for….that together we worked on their situations and issues and things began to change for them as their darkness turned into light….

I too have been privileged enough to have some wonderful mentors and guides along the way who have contributed more to my life than they could ever possibly know….despite me having done my best to let them know in any way that I could.

Lately, as I have reflected I have really questioned where to from here….what legacy do I truly want to leave behind ?….and after significant soul-searching….now I know….I am on a path….a mission …..nothing will stand in my way….right at my core things have been shaken up….it’s not JUST about making a difference, its about ongoing gratitude….appreciation and contribution…..and taking a stand for what you believe in…..

And NOW I know exactly what it is that I will do moving forward….deep in my core I have been feeling unfulfilled and questioning my path because…..it hasn’t been enough…..I WANT TO MAKE A BIGGER DIFFERENCE….I will not continue to work with people just one-on-one….instead I will teach what I have learned and created to others….in groups ….and it really doesn’t matter how big the group is….and then the ripples can reach wider and deeper….and I can be truly fulfilled and MAKE A BIGGER DIFFERENCE NOW. I need to play a bigger game….who’s up for it ?

Here are 3 key ways that you too can benefit from playing a bigger game:-

1. Contribution:– if you are giving to others and contributing in some way outside of yourself and playing a much bigger game then you are able to impact more lives than ever before and focus with gratitude and appreciation and feel more fulfilled and essentially less constricted.

2. Setting Big Goals:- By doing this you open yourself up to so many opportunities beyond what we believe is possible. This takes us outside our comfort zone and stretches us to new levels and achievements and once we achieve something beyond what we thought was possible we experience significant positive long term benefits and strengthen our foundations, both in business and in life. These opportunities would never have presented themselves if you kept things small and played it safe

3. Break Free from the One-on-One Time-For-Money Model:- You don’t have to feel stuck anymore and trapped in a time-for-money model that is limited by the number of hours in a week. You can create ripples on a much larger scale and impact the lives of so many more people in the same amount of time (or even less).

If you too have found yourself soul searching lately and are stuck, or even just coming out the other side….head on over to www.drnataliegreen.com.au or join me on Facebook at

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