Key to Freedom

The 7-Step Model to Triumph Over Trauma

By Dr. Natalie Green

“Invest in Yourself, Discover Your Worth & Shine Like the Diamond You Are” – Dr. Nat Green

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Change MAKERSVol. 4

Dr. Natalie Green has the distinct honour of authoring a chapter for the book “Change MAKERS Vol. 4” which ranked internationally as Amazon #1 Best Seller in Australia, USA, UK and Canada.

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Helping You Achieve Success

 No-one is immune to trauma and the impact it can have. Past hurts and old injustices have a way of keeping you stuck, holding you back, and ensuring you struggle to move forward or experience positive emotions again. Your pain may stem from people who have let you down, caregivers who weren’t there, people who have betrayed you, humiliated, insulted or bullied you or perhaps from the residue of your own choices, the secrets you keep about past experiences, the betrayals, or the poor health choices you’ve made.

Carrying a hurt and pain so deeply results in it becoming ingrained and integrated within you, and likely part of your identity and story, impacting your physical health, immune and central nervous systems.

In this ground-breaking book, based on twenty-seven years of experience in the field of trauma, Dr Natalie Green unveils her successful 7-step system that will ensure you can free yourself of those old hurts and Natalie will assist you to embrace your vulnerability, process your negative emotions, and reconnect and reintegrate your head, heart and gut, so you actively move forward, experience a true transformation and create the life you desire so you can Thrive.

“Invest in Yourself, Discover Your Worth & Shine Like the Diamond You Are”

Dr Natalie Green