Dr. Nat Green

Founder of the ABS Method ™ 


Dr. Nat is the Author of the book “Key to Freedom”: The 7-Step Model to Triumph Over Trauma, the Founder of the ABS Method ™ and has more recently authored a chapter in the Amazon International Bestselling Book Change Makers, and she has been featured in Empower Magazine.


Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference, Australian Society Of Rehabilitation Counsellors annual conference, Australasian Mastocytosis Conference and more recently at ABSEC, and was accepted to present at the SNAICC conference on working with children with trauma

Dr. Nat grew up in a regional town in New South Wales, Australia. She loved playing sport and fostered a desire to learn, always striving to do and be her best. She is a down to earth ‘country girl’ and has always considered herself blessed with the upbringing and opportunities she experienced

Dr. Natalie Green, is an Optimal Mindset and Transformational Trauma Strategist, Coach and Mentor, with a background in Clinical and Health Psychology. She is a mentor for therapists and practitioners who work in the trauma field who are ready to accelerate their results for their clients, increase their impact in the world and stand out as the go-to-expert in trauma treatment whilst enjoying a far more balanced lifestyle, working less and increasing their income.

With 30 years experience in counselling and treatment Dr. Nat specialises in trauma treatment and transformation.  She  is passionate about aligning with like-minded therapists who also work in trauma.  Dr. Nat has worked in the field for quite a while, is a visionary who seeks to work with therapists with a willingness to invest in themselves and their clients to accelerate their results.

Natalie combines her extensive traditional education a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counselling and a Doctorate Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, with multiple additional certifications in Life Coaching, NLP, and Hypnosis. She is also a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and a Certified Money Breakthrough Coach.  She has also been a Business Mentor for the past 12 years.