The ABS Method TM

Accelerated Breakthrough Strategy

Reignite Your Passion!


Reignite the passion in what you do.  Your client’s need you!

Accelerate Trauma Healing


Get consistent results in as little as 6 sessions

Unlock Your Full Potential 

Dear Trauma Therapist,

You love what you do and are passionate about helping your clients.  When you first started in your business you wanted to help people, to make a bigger difference and help clients heal from their hurt and pain.  You wanted to have a balance between work and family/friends and to run a financially viable business…on your terms.

Your clients need you!  You’ve taken them so far and you can’t let them down now.  You have plenty of clients, but you can’t see them all. There are only so many hours in the week and they all seem to take so long to get better.  This can be a drain on you, your time and energy.  It’s no wonder you are frustrated. 

Frustrated at how long it takes to get results for your clients

Frustrated that although you're really experienced, you aren't getting the results you want for your clients. You feel like a fraud or imposter.

Frustrated at the lack of time you have with your family and friends.

Frustrated at the lack of energy you have left for you, as you feel burned out, exhausted and stressed.

Frustrated by how much income you earn given the hours you work.

Are You Ready?

Now here you are, working really hard to help your clients heal from trauma and pain.  You’re looked up to as the expert but you aren’t helping your clients heal as fast as you’d like.  The impact of hearing all of the details of their stories is taking its toll.  There’s nothing more confronting as a therapist than being an expert in trauma, yet not getting the results you desire, feeling burnt out and like a fraud.  But…you want  it so bad!

You are so done with your current treatment protocols and approaches.

You are so very ready to have an accelerated trauma healing method.  

  • Ready to accelerate trauma healing in your clients
  • Ready to get consistent results in as little as 6 sessions
  • Ready to see more people and heal more clients
  • Ready to experience no vicarious trauma in the process
  • Ready to say goodbye to the old way of doing things
  • Ready for the freedom this new method brings
  • Ready to increase your income in the process

I’ve got news for you….

The ABS Method is a whole lot easier than you think!

I get it, I’ve been there, I was just like you.  I ran a busy private practice and had years of experience in trauma, yet I still had a nagging feeling that what I knew and was doing, simply wasn’t enough.  There had to be another way.  Progress was slow, I was limited in the number of people I could see selling my time for money and I was exhausted.  I was burned out and deep down was feeling like a fraud as the results just weren’t coming fast enough.

I join you and share in your frustration.  As a matter of fact I was so frustrated with the time it was taking me to help my clients, I set about  finding a different way and have successfully created the ABS Method ™. I have tried and tested and am now teaching, a proven method for Accelerated Breakthrough Strategies which helps therapists and practitioners get faster and long lasting results for their clients.

I’ve taken everything I know and integrated my professional experience with my personal experience (post surgery  staph infections, coupled with multiple surgeries to result in PTSD) and I’m proud to say, I’m the founder of The ABS Method – Accelerated Breakthrough Strategies by Dr. Natalie Green ™.   I am now teaching this method to Trauma Therapists & Practitioners around the world.  I’m helping them integrate this approach in their practices, so they can get faster and long lasting results for their clients.

This way they are able to move from being stuck in T.R.A.U.M.A. themselves and are able to T.H.R.I.V.E. again in 3 clear steps.

They get consistent results in as little as 6 sessions, create no vicarious trauma for themselves, accelerate their client’s trauma healing, see more people, heal more clients, make a bigger difference, increase their income AND enjoy the freedom to take more time out to do they things they love.

Connect with me and I’ll reveal actionable tools so you can identify if trauma is lurking in your blind spots, how to overcome it and activate your beliefs and confidence so you can become the “go-to expert” who will stand out in the crowd.

Dr. Nat Green’s

Level 1 ABS  Method Workshop