Do You have a Dream ?

One you keep hidden away perhaps, almost like a deep dark secret because you either don’t put yourself 1st enough to make the time to work on making your dreams come true OR you simply don’t believe in yourself enough to back yourself and bring it to life ?

If you’re truthful with yourself….

You’ve had this dream for a really long time, you think about it and you feel butterflies in your stomach, or a knot in your stomach even when you give it some attention…

And then you drift away, or even force yourself to think of something else….

You have so many reasons that you can’t follow that dream:-

  • you don’t have time
  • you can’t afford it
  • you’ve got to put your kids first
  • Other things take priority
  • you’ve got to keep working full-time so you can’t focus on that
  • you can’t allocate resources to it right now, as you’re already stretched in so many directions….

And with every single one of those reasons(i.e. read excuses), your dream slips further and further away….

And with each year that passes that you quash those dreams and put them on the back burner, you lose a little bit more of you. a little bit more of who you are, what you stand for, and you place a little less value on you, and you disconnect that little bit further, and that shining light within, that burning flamed desire loses its glow and flickers even more until there’s barely even a twinkle or flicker left.

This just makes me really sad 🙁

Unfortunately I see it all the time….

Life is finite, we as humans have limited time on this planet. Are you going to keep wasting time ‘doing the do’, on autopilot, blindly following or living someone else’s dreams ?


Do you want to leave a legacy behind ? Something that shows you that life was totally worth it, that YOU are worth it !

That you deserve to create your dream, follow your dream and bring it to life, and most of all shine your light for all the world to see – because YOU are worth it !!

Give yourself permission.

Take time to write, draw, or mind map your dream and then make a note of the steps you would need to take to reach it….set a timeline and make it real.

Dreams really do come true, if you let them !….I know they do….I’m living proof, as I’ve just fulfilled a dream many years in the making and have write my book “Key To Freedom: The 7-Step Model to Triumph Over Trauma”….

Only because I made a decision to :-

  • Back myself
  • get absolutely clear on my dream
  • reconnect with my dream in my head, heart and gut
  • invest in myself (both time and money)
  • Engage a Mentor
  • research the quickest, most effective and PROVEN way to get the results I desired
  • Made the time to create, implement and action my dream
  • Prioritise this for me
  • Take Action

It’s time for you to reconnect with your dream and make it a reality. Come on, you’ve got this. Leave the legacy that you want in the world.



Dr Nat x

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